Foxy Brown gets booted off cruise ship over nail scuffle

AP file / Today

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By The Scoop

In today's edition of celebrities behaving badly, we feature Foxy Brown. The singer was booted off a Royal Caribbean cruise after she threw a fit for missing an on-board manicure appointment, reports TMZ.

According to passengers who spoke to the website, Brown booked a manicure appointment last Monday, showed up three hours late, and when the salon couldn't accommodate her when she arrived, "Foxy went completely ballistic." Reportedly, security removed her from the salon, sent her back to her room where she remained under supervision until Wednesday. She was then escorted off the ship permanently at a stop in the Cayman Islands. Neither Brown nor the cruise line are commenting.

Brown has a history of beauty-related outbursts. In 2007 she faced battery charges after allegedly throwing hair glue at a beauty shop employee, and she also faced charges in 2004 for allegedly beating up two nail salon employees over payment for a manicure.