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Fox boss: Britney Spears 'did a really good job' on 'X Factor'

Jason Merritt / Getty Images file / Today
Britney Spears judged season two of Fox's "X Factor."

PASADENA, Calif. -- At the end of "X Factor's" first season, the show fired judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, and also gave host Steve Jones the boot. But despite a less than spectacular performance by Britney Spears in her first season as a judge in the show's second go-round, don't necessarily expect her to get a pink slip soon.

"I actually thought it went very, very well," Kevin Reilly, Fox's chairman of entertainment, told reporters of her time on the panel Tuesday. "I mean, it was fraught with unknowns, and I think Britney did a really good job. She came on, people remain fascinated with her and always will be. She’s just an interesting figure who’s lived a unique life, and I thought she brought some of that."

Reilly also admitted that while the ratings for the singing competition were better in season one, he thought the show was better in its sophomore year.

"The talent was good. The production was good. I think some of the new elements that were added were good," Reilly said. "And (Spears) tucked in really nicely on that bench."

Judge L.A. Reid has already announced his departure from the show, and Reilly said the record-label honcho "will have to be replaced." He did not say who the network or show creator and judge Simon Cowell might have in mind for the job.

As for Spears, she might be staying put if Fox has a say in the matter. When asked if the network would be on board to bring her back, Reilly responded with a simple, "Yeah."

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