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'Four Houses' overflow with Christmas spirit

TLC / Today

A Christmas tree, a few lights, stockings over the fireplace, a wreath on the door, maybe a plastic Santa on the lawn -- for many families, that's the extent of decorating for the holiday. Not so for the four Christmas superfans featured on Tuesday's "Four Houses" holiday special.

For New York area residents Kevin, Marie, Dhonna and Jason, it's about covering every inch of their homes with holiday-themed decorations, and we mean every inch. Sure, they've got plenty of Christmas spirit to share every year, but this time around, their holiday cheer will earn one of them a $10,000 prize. 

So what does it take to win? The big-time Christmas lovers will rate each other's homes based on originality, holiday style and holiday spirit. The person with the highest total takes home the cash prize.

And Jason, who has Christmas lights tattooed on his arm, thinks he's got the decorations to win him the money. "I go all out, I go crazy," he says on the show. Indeed, he does. His Fords, N.J., home features more than 50,000 lights (for a utility bill of $700-plus a month) and 260 animatronics.

An exclusive clip TLC shared with The Clicker reveals that he has even let the holiday take over his bathroom.

"Going to the bathroom, having a Santa staring at you while you're trying to do your business ... is a little uncomfortable," Marie says as she checks out his home.

Watch as she, Dhonna and Kevin walk through Jason's house and see just how far he's taken his Christmas spirit.

See who has not only the most, but the best Christmas spirit when "Four Houses: Deck the Halls" airs at 10 p.m. Tuesday on TLC.

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