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Four go home on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Crap. It’s the killer elimination results show, which will send not one but two couples home. There’s no avoiding it, of course, and it is a reality TV show competition, not a lovefest. But still, I think this episode might sting a bit.

The group dance is, in a word, meh, at least until the killer ending, which shows our dancers tumbling and robot-walking to the edge of the stage. The costumes aren’t my favorite either, though I’m sure the Bermuda shorts must have been a big hit with Nick.  

Cat Deeley promises blood on the dance floor. Thank you, Cat. I’m feeling so much better now.

Time to meet our judges. Oh yay, Debbie Reynolds is back. Such a legend, such a crappy judge. So are Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. Debbie is having a fabulous time! Someone tell her it’s an elimination show. Fabulous, not really the word of choice.

Our first three couples are on the block. Sasha and Alexander, Caitlynn and Mitchell and Missy and Wadi. First up, we have Missy and Wadi. We are reminded of Debbie wanting to take Wadi home. Funny, I had tried to block that out. They’re in the bottom three. Not a big surprise, sorry to say. Next, we have Caitlynn and Mitchell. They’re fine. Yay! Sasha and Alexander are probably safe, right? Sasha is one of the strongest dancers on the show, honestly. She and Alexander made Debbie Reynolds cry! And yes, they’re fine.

Read the full recap and learn which dancers didn’t make it on HitFix.com.

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