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Former sore 'Loser' finds redemption before elimination

Trae Patton / NBC / Today
The "Loser" hopefuls had to participate in a pentathlon.

First “The Biggest Loser” teams were grouped by generations. Then they each were made of up of trios representing each age group. Nine weeks into the competition, the Battle of the Ages has taken another twist as each of the contestants is now a team of one.

Longtime “Loser” fans know that means it’s time for the solo game and the return of the dreaded yellow line — the low weight-loss marker that leaves two players at the mercy of their fellow contenders. To kick off the shake-up this season, the contestants participated in a pentathlon that guaranteed the first-place finisher immunity and the last-place finisher a one-pound penalty.

The challenge started out easy. For the first event, the rules were simple: The “Loser” hopefuls only had to list their competition in order of who most deserved to the title of “The Biggest Loser.” They could use whatever standards they wanted, and that’s where the game got interesting.

The more “deserving” the player, the more points they’d receive at the end of the five-leg event. Some contestants, namely Antone and Ramon, went with strategy — listing the weakest competitors as the most worthy. Some, like Vinny, voted with their hearts and stacked pals at the top of the list. And then there was Sunny, who for some reason decided the best bet was to just put down everyone’s names alphabetically — a move that put powerhouse Antone on top of her list. Also a move she likely regretted when the game was over.

Why? Because after the four other events, which ranged from basic nutrition trivia to a one-mile sprint with gold-medal speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, Sunny held the top spot on the pentathlon leaderboard. But when the results of the worthy winners lists were factored in, Antone beat her — by one point. Had she put his name anywhere but the top of her list, she would have at least tied for the win.

Ah, well, there are worse things than not winning immunity, such as walking away with a one-pound disadvantage — otherwise known as Bonnie’s fate.

Bonnie, whose constant complaining when she was on trainer Anna Kournikova’s team made her stand out as this season’s sore “Loser,” has shown an improved attitude over the last couple of weeks. Despite the bad luck on Tuesday night’s show, her attitude continued to improve and she even displayed a previously hidden generous nature.

When Bonnie fell below the yellow line alongside her former fellow teammate Becky, she asked to be voted out of the competition so that Becky, one of three teachers in the game, could continue.

 “I just want to tell you from square one, I have dreamt that one day, someone who teaches our kids would win this ‘Biggest Loser,’” Bonnie said with tears in her eyes. “So that is why I’m telling you guys, I am ready to take on the next chapter of my life. That’s my decision, and I’m standing by it. I do not want Becky to go home.”

Everyone respected her wishes.

Were you surprised to see Bonnie volunteer to leave the game when she landed below the yellow line? Did her recent attitude about-face change your opinion of her? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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