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Former ‘Dancing’ champs deny sex scandal

Star magazine reports that Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke may have cheated on their real-life partners.
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Just as the latest batch of celebrity hopefuls take the stage and show the world their ballroom best, a couple of “Dancing With the Stars” veterans are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. A recent Star report accused season-two winners Drew Lachey and his pro partner, Cheryl Burke, of cheating on their real-life partners while participating in the show’s winter tour, but now reps for both soft shoes are vehemently denying the story.

Cheryl, who’s cha-chaing alongside Cristián de la Fuente on the current season of “Dancing,” was dating Matthew Lawrence at the time of the alleged affair. Star’s sources claimed Matthew paid Cheryl an unexpected dressing-room visit in January and caught his girlfriend and the married former boy-bander red-handed.

While Matthew told the magazine “There are too many things going on” and refused to say anything more, a “Dancing With the Stars” tour insider allegedly witnessed some questionable behavior from the pair.

“Cheryl was constantly draped all over Drew.” The source added, “They held hands, had their legs intertwined and were always touching inappropriately.”

Now reps for both Drew and Cheryl have contacted People magazine to set the record straight. “(The story is) completely false and cannot be further from the truth,” according to Camp Drew.

“The story that Cheryl is involved with Drew Lachey started two years ago when they were partners on ‘Dancing With the Stars,” the pro’s rep told People.It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.”

Tina Fey’s humorous destiny
Writer and actress Tina Fey believes she was destined for the funny life. In an interview in the upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest, the “30 Rock” star shared how her snarky humor defines her.

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“I always think of everything from a mother’s point of view,” Tina explained. “Every kid has something they’re good at, that you hope they find and gravitate toward. This is my thing. I don’t think I was supposed to be a gymnast and accidentally landed on this.”

As for how her sharp wit is sometimes misconstrued as just plain mean, Tina revealed there’s a little truth to it. “I’m not a mean person, but I have a capacity for it. I have the biting comment formed somewhere in the back of my head — like it’s in captivity. Sometimes people expect that I’m going to be tough.” But even that has its perks, as she added, “It’s not a bad situation. People treat you better. People are on time.”

Dish on the flyWhile Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take on various humanitarian missions around the globe, their habitual do-gooding appears to have rubbed off on their kids. According to OK!, 6-year-old Maddox is hard at work assembling care packages for U.S. troops stationed overseas. “He gets the other kids involved like an assembly line,” said a family friend. “Zahara loves to glitter and sticker the cards!” And lest anyone assume his folks told him what to do, the pal insists Maddox came up with the idea all by himself. “He’s growing up to dream big and thinks even the tiniest thing can make a difference.” … Though she grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, Katherine Heigl says she’s “too lazy” too keep up the faith. “I still love the theology of the Mormon religion and I think it is a wonderful way to grow up,” the “Knocked Up” actress said in a quote posted to “But I think any real commitment to religion takes time, effort and energy. I just got really lazy, and it’s hard to get yourself up on a Sunday morning.”

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