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Forget Kate, Josh Holloway wants Hurley

‘Lost’ star says of his male co-stars, he’d sleep with Jorge Garcia.
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Josh Holloway has quirky taste in sex partners.

The “Lost” hunk, when asked by Elle magazine, which male co-star he’d most want to have sex with, replied it would be rotund actor Jorge Garcia, explaining “at least he’d cuddle me good afterwards.”The 37-year-old actor also confessed to having the hots for Barbra Streisand, 64, and Sophia Loren, 72. “I’ve fantasized about Barbra Streisand,” he told the mag, which hits stands tomorrow. “And I saw Sophia Loren at a restaurant a couple years ago and I thought, Wow, I’d still go there.”If Holloway gets an alone moment with Loren, he might not want to use his favorite pickup line, which he told Elle is: “Wow, that’s a beautiful dress. I saw one just like it at Kmart.”

He explained his lady-killer theory: “See, you gotta make them think they’re all that, and then pull the carpet out from under them.”Working momGwyneth Paltrow says she’s going back to work — and thinks it will make her a better mom.

The “Shakespeare in Love” star says she cut way back on her work once she had children, but has decided that spending more time in front of the camera will make her a better mom.“I hadn’t worked in a long time. I was really committed to being home.  Then I finally agreed to do this movie ‘Iron Man’ [a comic-book adaptation with Robert Downey Jr.]. I reached a place where I thought, ‘It’s okay that I have a passion for something besides my family,’” Paltrow tells Entertainment Weekly. “I love making films.  If I do one thing that makes me fulfilled, then I’m a more interesting woman for my children.”But she says, she’s not interesting to tabloids. “You want to be an actor. You don’t want to be in whatever tabloid. To me, those worlds seem mutually exclusive,” she told the mag. “And I fully understand that for whatever reason I’m one of those people where there’s an interest, if you will, in my personal life.  But I do think people are kind of bored.  I’ve got a couple kids, a husband, I’ve just been at home.”Notes from all overLooks like J. Lo is back to her diva ways. Two hours before the singer was in due for a recording session, she issued a three-page list of demands, including a request that all light bulbs be replaced with dimmer ones to make her look “desirable,” reports the London Mirror. The demands didn’t stop there. “She wanted fresh, piping-hot Cuban bread which we had to trawl 10 bakeries to find and dozens of packets of Skittles — including the new sour flavor,” a source told the paper. “She also wanted a gourmet meat selection, a separate cheese platter, and crates of water and fruit and scented candles.” ... The organizers of WorldPeaceOne, a massive worldwide celeb humanitarian event scheduled for August, have asked Britney Spears to participate ... Thandie Newton isn’t doing so well with her pursuit of clean air. The “Pursuit of Happyness” star teamed up with eco group Greenpeace, and wrote letters to some celeb friends, urging them to drive environmentally friendly cars. Among the stars Newton says she wrote are Madonna, Robin Williams, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson and her “Mission Impossible” co-star Tom Cruise. “I didn’t get one letter back,” Newton recently lamented, even though, she insists, “I wasn’t judgmental.”

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