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Football? Let's talk about the ads (3rd quarter)

Update: End of 3rd quarter: OK, folks. 15 more minutes of ad-filled football. ... The Fonz! Seinfeld! Norm! NFL pulls out the iconic characters of TV past and present assembling to watch the big game. Not bad, NFL. We love our TV around here. ... Followed by, drumroll please -- a car ad.

Update: Another car ad, with a nice tempo to it. Oh, it's Eminem, driving a Chrysler. "This is the motor city, and this is what we do," the rapper says while pointing in my face. Let's hope so, for the economy's sake.

Update: Here he is, Adrien Brody singing for Stellllllllaaaaaa. It makes me thirstier than Coke's border guards did. ... Carmax is having fun tonight. ... Here's a promo for "The X Factor" and, hey, that's not Steven Tyler!

Update: I'm being hypnotized by another car ad, "snap out of it man" indeed. ... Timothy Hutton for Groupon. Hmm. Sam Elliott must have been busy doing voiceovers. ... Coca-Cola has dueling border guards, with no dialogue.

Update: Mini Cooper wants you to "cram it in the boot." Just sayin'. ... I need a homeaway.com vacation right about now. ... And hey, almost missed that guy from "The Tourist" who is played by Keith Richards in those "Pirate" movies. Love that guy.

Update: First break of 3rd quarter: Well, well, well. Hello, E*Trade talking baby. Where have you been all night? I didn't miss you. I'll be interested to hear from who did. ... And speaking of talking babies, it's Justin Bieber! And Ozzy. Thanks, Best Buy, I needed to see more Biebs in my life.

Update: Third quarter just started. Let's talk about where we've been. Is there a clear favorite from the first half? Doritos? Pepsi? VW's Star Wars kid? Go Daddy? A movie you want to see now? Jump in the comments and let us know what you've chuckled at, etc. We've got another half to play.