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Football? Let's talk about the ads (2nd quarter)

Update: If you haven't seen enough movie trailers yet, here's "Captain America" to take us into the half.

Update: And now it's 21-10. I'm not supposed to be watching the game.

Update: Sorry, Steel Nation: It's 21-3.

Update: Packers 21, Steelers 0: Uh oh. Tonight's not gonna be a good good night -- for the Steelers (so far) or for anyone who is sick of that Black Eyed Peas halftime show promo. ... Dude just checked his Facebook news feed by talking to his Chevy. Really? ... Carmax just made me laugh. I feel like a blurry eyed editor in a Super Bowl ad blog!

Update: 4 and a half minutes before half: Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr are the new Betty Whites for Snickers. ... Careerbuilder.com and the monkeys make it two in a row on the comedy front. Who loves monkeys?! We do.

Update: Finally, my 4-year-old son's 2nd favorite ad just aired. Thanks, Coke, and animated dragons. ... Another movie trailer, "Thor"! ... And, as we've discussed earlier, here it is, cue John Williams. The little Darth Vader kid just started his dad's VW Passat. Still love it. This would be my kid's 1st favorite. (Full disclosure).

Update: And here we are into the 2nd quarter and Budweiser goes "True Grit" style with a Western-meets-Elton John. ... A flower commercial just made me laugh. People sending inappropriate emails makes me laugh.