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Flashback! Watch how Heath Ledger comforts screaming 'fan' on the red carpet

The video of the actor, who died in 2008, reminds us just what a great guy he was.
/ Source: TODAY

We all hope that if our idol shows up in front of us that we'll be cool about it. You know, offer a hand and a kind thought about their latest project. What we probably would be more like is this woman who turns up in a red carpet video taken of Heath Ledger from 2006 (and which is going viral after being posted to Facebook).

The woman — Australian actress Magda Szubanski, playing a character named Sharon Strzelecki — is in the background of a red carpet interview when Ledger (who died in 2008) begins speaking to a reporter. Suddenly, her shrieks split the world and Ledger cringes.

But it's not over yet.

The late actor does the one thing he can do to make her feel better. He plants a big smooch on her mouth.

Strzelecki does what we all would: She topples over. Later, she shows up onstage to present an award to Ledger and notes that the kiss has given her "Heath rash" around her mouth.

We miss you, Heath!

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