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Five Things to Know About Justin Theroux's Ex-Girlfriend, Heidi Bivens

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are hot and heavy, we all know that by now.
/ Source: E!online

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are hot and heavy, we all know that by now.

But before they went party hopping in L.A. after the MTV Movie Awards and displayed some serious PDAs for the masses, they were in full denial mode--maybe because Theroux, 39, was still shacking up with his girlfriend of 14-years, Heidi Bivens, in New York City? (Not to say it's Aniston's fault, maybe the timing was just terrible?)

But when rumors of an Aniston-Theroux romance started leaking, Heidi's mom leapt to his defense, claiming he was still very much together with her daughter and was just friends with our famous Friend and that this was all just a big misunderstanding. (Sound familiar Brangelina?)

Turns out, it wasn't. Bivens has packed up and moved out of the New York home she shared with the actor, with one of her New York scenester pals telling us she was blindsided and "straight-up dumped." Ouch.

And the friend, who's worked closely with Bivens, a respected fashion stylist and costume designer, added that she's got a reputation for being a real sweetheart.

So here's what you need to know about Theroux's scorned lady...

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1. She's Worked at Details and Vogue: After first arriving in New York City, the 34-year-old Bivens kicked off her fashion career as an editorial assistant at Teen Vogue, Vogue and In Style along with some contributing work at Details. Her talents stood out though and she quickly landed solo styling gigs and moved on to bigger jobs.

2. She's Well-Connected in the Fashion Industry: Bivens works her stylish ass off in the fashion world, constantly hitting shows during New York Fashion Week and writing blogs featuring her clothing choices and pictures of her high fashion friends. Her main plus-one and fellow front-row fixture every season had been Theroux.

Bivens has praised Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's line, The Row, snapped pics of Laura Dern and Ben Harper and has chronicled her party hopping around the city. She's been called a super-stylist by the fashion site refinery29, which incidentally ran a blurb from Bivens just last month where she talked about vacationing in Hawaii with Theroux. She had snapped a pic of him on the beach, calling it a "perfect day."

3. She's Got Some Big-Name Friends: Bivens has styled videos for Kanye West, Beck, Cobra Starship, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The White Stripes and Sophomore. She's constantly being photographed (mostly with Theroux) at society and downtown parties in New York and counts among her personal pals Chlo Sevigny, Adrien Brody and every big name designer and magazine editor in town.

4. She's a Moneymaker: Bivens has styled some huge commercial campaigns, along with some seriously stunning print ads, many of which are featured on her personal website. Among some of her biggest jobs are commercials for Gillette, Diet Coke, MasterCard, Evian, Dell and Tylenol. The print ads she's posted prove she's a real talent when it comes to choosing a look.

Bivens has also broken into films, styling Uma Thurman in Ceremony and Billy Crudup and Matthew Perry in Dedication.

5. Oh, and She's Gorgeous: No, we're not just saying it because she's unlucky in love. The girl is striking--thin, polished, beautiful and model-like. She's the whole package. And her wardrobe? To die for.

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