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Five Sexy Reasons to See X-Men: First Class

We love a good superhero film as much as the next popcorn-eatin' gal or guy--especially when those heroes are all played by Hollywood's hottest young stars.
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We love a good superhero film as much as the next popcorn-eatin' gal or guy--especially when those heroes are all played by Hollywood's hottest young stars.

So we were tres thrilled to get an early peak at the latest mutant movie, X-Men: First Class. And the mostly cool CGI powers and history-centered plotline (get ready to brush off your knowledge of WWII, folks), was more than entertaining, we liked the movie for a different reason:

It's filled with delicious Awful Truth-worthy tidbits! So here are five of our fave reasons to see the film when it land this Friday:

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1. X-Men? More like Sex-Men!

Every movie set is bound to have a few kissing costars, but when the cast of one of the biggest summer blockbuster is filled with tons of single up-and-coming babes, a whole new superpower is at play: horniness! So it was a surprise to just about no one when Michael Fassbender linked up with super-human onscreen stripper Zoe Kravitz and newbie Jennifer Lawrence started dating fellow blue mutant Nicholas Hoult. And the chemistry occurring between takes made what happened on the big screen hot, hot, hot. So much so, we hear everyone (and we do mean everyone) working on the flick actually started calling it Sex Men.

2. Marvel at January Jones Pre-Baby Bod!

We're sure we won't be the only ones wondering if mama-to-be January Jones's wardrobe was sponsored by Victoria's Secret, cause the blonde babe was stuffed into more skimpy go-go get ups than you can shake a Wolverine claw at. And while J.J.'s conception is the talk of the tabloids these days, she definitely didn't appear preggo when she was working her numero uno superhu

strength: a tight tummy and some serious cleavage.

3. Retro is in again.

Mad Men kicked off the retro-is-hot-again phase, and so it's no surprise that January is keeping up with her bread and butter in this '60s-set flick. We already mentioned the plot deals with the politics of the time (Russians, missiles, the ever impending doomsday clock), but don't get too bogged down in the details--you don't have to be a history major to understand the movie. And that also means swanky fashion and smoky drinking rooms. Win-win, right?

4. Killer cameos--can you spot 'em?

While the cast of this prequel is damn impressive--not including those already mentioned, the flick features James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon, and Rose Byrne to name a few--it's the quick cameos by some of the X franchises most famous faces that we loved. It's no secret that Hugh Jackman makes an appearance as the most infamous of the mutants, but our fave surprise was [SPOILER ALERT!] Rebecca Romijn's brief appearance in a too-funny and muy lusty moment. We'll keep our lips sealed on that one, though.

5. Jennifer Lawrence teases her kick-ass abilities!

We're way excited for The Hunger Games to hit the big screen, duh--but since the cameras just started rolling (which, BTW, we're totally loving what we're seeing!)--it was a treat to see future Katniss cutie Jennifer Lawrence's skills in another action flick. The Oscar nom's turn as Mystique shows off the same street smarts, strength, and sassiness that we fully expect to see when she's in the Hunger Games arena. And next time we see her kicking some serious bad guy butt, she won't be painted blue!

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