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Five reality stars we are really hating right now

Lord knows the plethora of reality shows gives us quite a selection to chose from, but these tools top our current list.
/ Source: E!online

There are the reality TV stars you love to loathe — hi, Scott Disick! — and then there are those folks you just truly, simply hate.

Lord knows the plethora of reality shows gives us quite a selection to chose from, but these tools top our current list:

1. 'Project Runway's' Gretchen Jones
At first we were rooting for this homely chick. Then her Lake Michigan-size ego appeared and was blindly undeterred, blaming her middle-of-the-pack status on Heidi Klum as opposed to her own dull designs. The icing on the bitchy cake came last week, when Wretchen squeaked by elimination then condescended to the top three designers Michael C., Mondo and Andy by saying, "I'm just glad [the judges] gave me a second chance like they gave you." Hate.

2. 'Sister Wives' Kody Brown
He's the ringleader of this Utah family circus — complete with four wives, 13 biological children and three stepchildren — but we just want him to step out of the way, so we can sit back and enjoy saucy third wife Christine's bon mots. Frankly, Kody's floppy hair, ruddy face and overenthusiastic salesman's personality make it hard for us to take him seriously as an alpha male. He's more of a jerky weirdo, and when he says "love should be multiplied, not divided," we just nod and wonder if this guy really expects us to believe that polygamy is anything but a cover for his wandering eye. Ick, ick, ick.

3. 'Teen Mom's' Amber Portwood
The 20-year-old sourpuss is being investigated by Indiana police and Child Protective Services for assaulting baby daddy Gary Shirley in front of her young daughter, Leah, almost 2. The high school dropout's rage-fueled beatdown of her sometime fiancé, captured by MTV cameras, is remarkable as much for her violence as the fact that she was motivated enough to get out of bed. No wonder she was recently named her town's most unpopular resident.

4. 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'s' Michaele and Tareq Salahi
Yes, these joined-as-the-hip grifters count as one person. Not since Bonnie and Clyde has there been such a whackadoo folie à deux. Even their fellow castmates want nothing to do with the gate-crashing, constantly BS-ing duo. Seriously, these two are just a better-looking Randy and Evi Quaid. Scratch that, the Quaids are more interesting.

5. 'Survivor: Nicaragua's' NaOnka Mixon
In a season full of unsavory characters, Nay is the nastiest. "Hopefully I'll push you so hard that damn leg will fly off," she crowed after shoving tribemate Kelly, an amputee, to the ground.

Then to make sure we got the message that she meant business, she threatened to throw Kelly's prosthesis in the campfire. As for the socks NaOnka stole from her other tribemate — screaming at him before the bewildered barefooter could even complain — they're still keeping her own feet warm.

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