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Five Infamously Fumbled National Anthems

/ Source: E!online

Christina Aguilera, you are not alone.

Here are five other stars who brought down the house--in an un-Whitney Houston way --when they botched the National Anthem.

As Aguilera herself might say (and/or, um, sing at the Super Bowl ), what so proudly we didn't watch...

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1. Roseanne Shrieks 'n' Spits: This 1990 rendition, at a San Diego Padres baseball game, is the ultimate National Anthem gone wrong. "It was to me like burning of the flag," opera star and frequent "Star -Spangled Banner" singer Robert Merrill criticized at the time. (And that was one of the kinder things said...) Years later, Roseanne explained the problem : she started in the wrong key, knew she wasn't going to hit the high note, and went for the crotch grab. The decision went so well it only took her about 20 years to be allowed on Super Bowl Sunday.

2. Michael Bolton Reads His Hand: At a 2003 baseball playoff game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, the singer had a brain zap at "were so gallantly streaming." Good thing he came prepared.

3. Carl Lewis Promises to "Make Up for It Now:" At a 1993 New Jersey Nets basketball game, the Olympic track star failed to medal for a false start of a performance that for bad measure featured some lyric flubbage--" with so gallantly streaming ?!"--and an unfulfilled pledge.

4. Jesse McCartney Edits Francis Scott Key: At NASCAR's 2009 Pepsi 500 race, it was almost seamless the way the pop star completely blew off the line, "What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?" Note, we said it was almost seamless.

5. Frank Drebin Pulls a Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton, Etc.: This version, from 1988's Naked Gun, is every bad version of the National Anthem, and for that we salute it--'cause it's supposed to be bad. It doesn't get any better than "and the home of the land..." At least, that is, until the next star botches the song for real.

VIDEO: Oh, say can you see Christina's National Anthem woes for yourself?