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Five, FIVE, Count von Count sketches we love, ah ah ah!

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Jerry Nelson had retired from working the puppet of Count von Count, but did the character's voice right up till his death.

The counting has ceased. Jerry Nelson, the puppeteer who voiced the purple, number-loving vampire Count von Count on "Sesame Street," has died at 78.

Nelson began work on "Sesame Street" in the 1970s and also voiced Mr. Snuffleupagus and various "Muppet Show" characters, including Camilla the Chicken and Kermit the Frog's nephew Robin.

But he's probably best-known for his Transylvanian-accented Count von Count, who counted everything from feelings to ice skates, often punctuating his counts with his trademark "AH AH AH!" as thunder rolled in the background.

Yes, some of the Generation Xers raised on "Sesame" were a little scared of him back in our much younger days -- that voice! The spooky castle! The organ music and flickering candles! The constantly crashing thunder! But in recent years, he'd gotten a little more cheerful, it seemed, a new Count for a new generation.

We'll miss you, Mr. Nelson, even if the Count's voice is recast.

Here are some of our favorite Count sketches.

Make it so, Number One

The Count meets up with Patrick Stewart of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

Counting bats

This one has all the Count trademarks, including the maniacal sounding organ music.

Once more with feelings

The Count proves that even when there's seemingly nothing to count ... there's always something to count. 

Song of the Count

A classic early song where the Count explains his favorite pastime. Grown-up kids should know there's a mischievous You Tube parody out there where the word "count" is bleeped out, making the Count sound a bit more adult.

Counting coconuts with Harry Belafonte

Have you ever seen the Count's feet before? It feels a little weird.

Will you miss Nelson as The Count? Do you have a favorite sketch? Tell us on Facebook.

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