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Five Best Brady Bunch Episodes Ever

Rumor has it, The Brady Bunch didn't start out as a rerun.
/ Source: E!online

Rumor has it, The Brady Bunch didn't start out as a rerun.

But you know better. Whether on an VHF station in the afternoon, or on a cable network at night, the show has been there to be watched and rewatched, again and again.

You probably have your own set of know-them-by-heart favorites. Here, in honor of the passing of series creator Sherwood Schwartz, are ours:

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1. "The Slumber Caper": Marcia and the girls throw a slumber party; Greg and the boys crash it. Simple, classic, perfect kid stuff.

2. "Amateur Night": The Brady kids transform themselves into the Silver Platters for a TV-talent competition. The turtlenecks may have changed, but the Hannah Montana fantasy has remained the same. Utterly compelling--and timeless.

3. "Adios, Johnny Bravo": No lofty-minded music critic has ever more devastatingly nailed the mainstream pop-music machine: You either fit the suit, or you don't. (This episode would've ranked higher if dream-crushers Mike and Carol weren't so annoyingly provincial in it--for the love of Rebecca Black, didn't it ever occur to them that Greg could go to college after his Johnny Bravo career flamed out, if it flamed out?!)

4. "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?" and "The Personality Kid" (tie): Two words: bad wig. Four words: Pork chops and applesauce. One true thing: Being a middle kid is tough, and potentially psychosis-inducing.

5. "Our Son the Man:" Greg starts high school, and big-times his family while under the influence of love beads and a fringe vest. The definition of groovy.

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