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First Look Video: Paris Hilton--The Bitch Is Back on Reality TV

Get ready to see the world through Paris Hilton's fake-colored eyes.
/ Source: E!online

Get ready to see the world through Paris Hilton's fake-colored eyes.

What's her real life like? Well, it's just as high-maintenence and annoying as you'd think--it involves fights with her boyfriend Cy Waits, fights with her mom Kathy, fights with her friends, an attempted firing of a lowly assistant and lots of palling around with Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

It's all going down on her trashtastic new reality show on Oxygen, The World According to Paris. And we have the exclusive clip of the series, with Paris, being very Paris-like, above.

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The bitchy heiress--decked out in fake extensions, bright blue contacts and a giant fur vest--kicks off the first episode with a shopping spree, where she picks on Mueller's assistant within earshot of the girl.

"My friends and I call desperate people who crave attention hungry tigers," Hilton explains in a voiceover.

Taking notes? Hilton drops more tidbits about the lifestyles of the rich and oft-paparazzi'd. Like how she can't ever talk about her private life in front of the staff because they'll just sell her out.

"I don't like to talk in front of her, I don't know her," she tells Mueller about the assistant, who stands quietly sifting through clothing racks nearby.

Mueller, acting a bit kinder than Hilton, asks her to "give her a chance" because "she's loyal, she keeps her mouth shut."

Is this the mafia or showbiz?

Then it's on to Hilton's lesson for the masses in episode one. She sums it up for us like this:

"Brooke has had a lot of things happened about her in the press just like I have," she explains. "You'd think she'd understand that I just need a little bit of privacy. I don't feel comfortable talking around Kristin [the assistant] because she's hungry and I don't trust her intentions. If Brooke wants to hang out with a creep that's her problem, not mine."

The show debuts June 1 on Oxygen.

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