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First look: Big trouble for 'Celebrity Apprentice' final 4 

Sunday's penultimate episode of "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" is kicking off with some major action ... boardroom action.

In a clip NBC is sharing first with TODAY.com, the phone rings for the final four contestants -- Lil Jon, Lisa Rinna, Penn Jillette and Trace Atkins.

"Uh oh! That's Mr. Trump!" Lil Jon says before Rinna lets an expletive slip.

What does the big bossman want? For his four finalists to head back to the boardroom.

"You never want to go back in the boardroom on the same night!" Rinna explained. "And we just went, 'Uh oh. Now what?!' "

Bad news, that's what! Turns out two of them are getting pink-slipped at the top of the show, before the final task is even assigned. And this week's challenge is going to be a tasty one too: The two remaining finalists will be tasked with creating a new flavor of Walgreen's Delish ice cream.

"All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

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