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First comes baby, then comes marriage?

Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get hitched before they have their baby?
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Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get hitched before they have their baby?

Professional gamblers are betting that they will. Hours after TomKat announced that they were expecting, professional wagers had already started placing their bets on the details of the unborn child known as TomKitten. And, at, they’re saying that the odds are in favor of Cruise and Holmes getting married before the child is born — with 4/9 odds in favor of, versus 2/1 odds that the couple will have their baby out of wedlock.

They’re also betting that Cruise’s first biological child will be a boy, with 10/13 odds, while the betting on the couple having a baby girl stands at 11/10.

Those wacky wagers are even betting on the baby’s name, with standards such as Michael, Matthew and Ethan being the favorites for boys (30/1); girls’ favored names are Emily, Emma and Madison (35/1). The chances of a baby girl getting named Nicole or Penelope are long shots at 150/1, the same odds given the possibility that she’ll be named Brooke.

Was Elvis a sexual hound dog?Looks like Elvis Presley wasn’t always The King when it came to the bedroom.

A man who says he was “Elvis’s pimp” — or lady procurer — from 1956 to 1960, has written about his experiences with The King, and Presley comes across as somewhat kinky — though not a sexual dynamo. In the wide-ranging article, which will appear in the November issue of Playboy magazine, Byron Raphael describes how Marilyn Monroe once nixed Presley’s advances — Raphael believes that that Monroe was put off by Presley’s yokel cohorts.

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He also tells about how a frustrated Natalie Wood once stormed out of Presley’s bedroom, complaining that The King didn’t “know how to screw” – then had sex with Raphael. Raphael also claims that Elvis seldom went “all the way” with his fans because his mother told him that premarital sex was a sin. According to Raphael, Presley was scared of gays and lesbians, but liked to have “slumber parties” — doing the hair and make-up of female fans, and have them do the same to him — and he'd get hot and heavy with their hair.

So is he worried about backlash from Presley’s notoriously loyal fans? “I loved Elvis and I loved my time with him,” Raphael tells The Scoop. “The things that I had to say are true and I don’t think they tear him down. I think it shows — not so much a darker side of him — but just how innocent he was compared to this image that he had. He was not some wild rock-and-roller. He was a very sweet and shy young guy.”

Notes from all overLuciana Morad, who had a son with Mick Jagger, has already reserved three tickets for the Rolling Stones concert in Brazil in February: one for herself, her son, and her new boyfriend, Marcelo de Carvalho. “Can that be classified as modern family quality time, maybe?” quips our source in Brazil.  . . . Mariah Carey is disputing reports that she flies her pampered pooch, Jack, first-class. “They actually won’t let me put him on a first-class seat because he’s too big,” she told British Glamour. “And they also said, ‘We’d only allow it for a famous dog.’ Please! He has three Web sites dedicated to him! So Jack is driven in the car [a Mercedes] by my driver, Tom, 3,000 miles from New York [to California].”  . . . Katie Holmes might not take too well to certain aspects of motherhood. Last spring, in an unpublished part of an interview, the woman who is now pregnant with Tom Cruise’s child told CosmoGirl, “My sisters are raising children and when I think I’ve had a hard day and they tell me about potty training, I’m like ‘Oh my God, if I had to do that I would freak out!’”

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