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First buy for 'Biggest Loser' winner Jeremy? A minivan for one of the quitters

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On Tuesday night, Jeremy Britt was named "The Biggest Loser" on season 13 of the weight-loss competition, and with that honor came a big-bucks prize. So what does the 23-year-old plan to do with the cool $250,000 he just won? He'll spend part of it on one of the former players who never made to finale night.

As fans of the show know, weeks ago, all of the then-remaining "Loser" hopefuls said they would walk away from the show due to a twist they considered unfair. Two of them, Mark Cornelison and Buddy Shuh, made good on that threat. But despite leaving the game, Buddy is about to win -- in a way.

"When he had left, he said all he wanted was a minivan out of the show," Jeremy told reporters during a recent conference call. "I told him if I won I'd buy him a minivan."

And now he plans to make good on that promise.

Jeremy is close to both Buddy and Mark, who due to their decision to quit the game, weren't allowed to take part in the finale.

"Buddy and Mark are two great friends of mine, and I definitely do care about them a lot," he said the men. "And it was unfortunate that they weren't able to have their moment on the stage like we all did, because I know firsthand how hard each of them worked."

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