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Fired ‘Desperate’ actor speaks out

‘All the rumors are not true’ says Page Kennedy about flashing allegations
/ Source: Access Hollywood

If somebody fired you because of improper conduct and you were innocent, most folks would sue their employer with every resource they had.

But Page Kennedy, the mysterious man in the basement on “Desperate Housewives,” is apparently taking a different route, as Access Hollywood's Billy Bush found out when he sat down with the actor.

“They say after a thorough investigation, due to improper conduct on the set, that they decided to terminate the deal,” Billy told Page. “How do you respond to that?”

“I don't respond to anything but the truth,” Page replied.

So why did the show reportedly let Page go?

“The rumor and innuendo, which is awful, is that you flashed people. You exposed yourself to ladies on the set,” Billy said. “If that is wrong, tell people it's a lie.”

“I'm telling you that all the things that people are saying about me, all the rumors, are not true,” Kennedy insisted.

Page, the mysterious cellar dweller on Wisteria Lane, claims the real reason he was fired from the hit ABC show was because producers simply wanted to recast his character.

“Were you devastated when they told you this?” Billy asked.

“Of course. I enjoyed the show,” Page replied. “I am not the first person that was replaced and I won't be the last.”

“Have you been wronged?” Billy asked. “If so, that's not fair.”

“The only thing I can do is state the truth. Anything else people believe, I can't control that,” Page said.

So is Page planning any legal action against the show?

“No, I'm just moving on with my life,” he revealed.

And while that can be easier said than done, Page was all smiles on Wednesday night at the premiere of Usher's romantic comedy “In the Mix,” in which Page has a small role.

“I don't know what his unorderly conduct was, but it's ‘Desperate Housewives,’ anything goes on that show,” Usher told Access. “I guess they had a reason to kick him off.”