Find out why the cast of 'Will & Grace' reunited

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They're back!

We knew something special was in the works when the cast of "Will & Grace" reunited for some fun on social media over the weekend, and now we know what it was all about.

Will, Grace, Jack and Karen (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally respectively) got together — and got political! — for a debate-night clip that's sure to leave any faithful fan wanting more.

(Warning: This clip contains some slightly not-safe-for-work language.)

The 10-minute video marks a return so seamless that it's hard to believe 10 years have passed since the beloved sitcom's final episode aired. The characters, the banter and even Will and Grace's oh-so-stylish apartment — it's all there.

But some things have changed, like the topic of conversation between them.

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These days, the old gang, just like the rest of us, is focused on the upcoming presidential election, and they're not all on the same side when it comes to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Karen is pals with Trump and can't wait to "make America bueno again," while Will and Grace are both Team Clinton. And Jack? He's the quintessential undecided — and uninformed — voter.

"Maybe I'll stay home on December 1," he huffs.

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But assuming he can figure out when Election Day really is, the others want to sway his all-important vote.

They all make moving arguments, with Karen focusing on fears of "wars and monsoons and locusts" if "Trumpy" doesn't win the election and his other pals highlighting Supreme Court appointments and civil rights decisions.

But in the end, there's really just one thing Jack cares about: Who's Katy Perry voting for?

Check out the clip for all the political drama — and a special surprise appearance from a fifth member of the cast at the very end!

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