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Finale leaves some more ‘Lost’ than ever

Many are frustrated by lack of answers

Some viewers are feeling even more "Lost" after Wednesday's finale of the ABC drama. Sure, some questions were answered (well, kind of ... the hatch did open, and Claire did get her baby back). But others were left to percolate until a new season in fall.

Here are some of your thoughts on the finale, on theories about what's behind the island mystery, and about what's in Locke's mysterious hatch, now open, with a long ladder falling off into ... eternity?

“This show had me hooked from day one! The twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat. My theory is that the “Island” is an alien observation maze. The plane crash never happened. All of the “survivors” think they’ve survived as the ET’s mind control wants them to believe. They’ve even allowed them to believe they can leave the island, giving them the tools and technology which set them up for yet another challenge, i.e. the kidnapping of Walt, another emotional problem yet to solve. And, the children all seem to have some form of psychic ability, something else the ET’s are studying. The test is to see how long they can live or die as a group. That’s my theory.”    --Deb

GOVERNMENT EXPERIMENT“I think that the island is an experiment of some kind, maybe by the government. The monster is actually some form of perimeter security that does not let the survivors get close to parts of the island that will expose the truth. I think the hatch will lead to some discovery of the science behind the island. The others are actually part of the “science team and security” The probably want to experiment with Walt. The polar bear is also part of the experiment. What a perfect place for illegal experiments. They probably brought the plane down to have access to more guinea pigs.”    --Anonymous

“The “Island People — pirates, whoever they are have a underground city and the hatch is the passageway.”    --Anonymous

“Hatch is escape hatch for missile silo or underground communications or navigation facility long abandoned.”    --Anonymous

ALIENS“Aliens are in the hatch.”    --Pattie

RUSSIAN SUB“The hatch is a Russian submarine that was beached during a violent storm in WWII.” --John

“The fun thing about this show is if you don’t over analyze it you can really enjoy its quirkiness. Just let it entertain you. Locke has me questioning everything. He comes across as this super-human. The one thing I’ve realized is that whenever he gets hurt, his wounds seem to mysteriously disappear. I think the island has given him some supernatural healing powers. He’s not in a wheel chair anymore. I don’t care about all the unanswered questions, I just get “lost” in all the action and commotion, I don’t worry about all the answers. It’s just fun!”    --DK

COME BACK, BOONE“It is fantastic. I am a 53 year old woman and this is the first show, for as long as I can remember, that I have planned my evening around. Every Thursday morning everyone at work gets together to discuss the show. The only thing is “I want Boone back!” And please, no drugs for Charlie. My favorites: Locke and Sawyer.”    --C

SHOW IS A WASTE“Lost is a waste of time. I recommend that [ABC] either cuts the series or force them to provide some meat to to make it worth watching. Next season I will watch the first episode. If it follows the same path I will no longer watch or waste my time.”    --Anonymous

SHOW ISN’T DEVELOPING“I thought I would give Lost one more chance to reveal some of its secrets. Throughout the season there were so many reruns that I had become frustrated. Needless to say the finale was disappointing. I will not be watching next season because I don’t wish to see more reruns nor do I want to waste my time to watch some series that does not develop sufficiently.”    --Anonymous

A FAN LOST“I was so excited when this show first started. I never missed an episode. I would on Wednesday night and then read about it on Thursday morning to make sure I did miss anything. I am extremely disappointed that none of my questions were answered. After being a faithful viewer since the show began, I felt I deserved a little more information. Although I enjoy the show, I probably will not watch it in the fall. If they couldn’t reveal any secret in the season finale, why would then next fall?”    --Tiffany

NO ‘TWIN PEAKS,’ PLEASE“Excellent story — a fresh show in a sea of boring “reality” programming. I only hope that it doesn’t go the way of Twin Peaks and dissolve into disarray; there better be some good ‘splainin’ at some point.”    --Lori