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The final cut: 'Project Runway' announces a winner

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"Project Runway's" Anya Ayoung-Chee, Joshua McKinley, Viktor Luna, Anthony Ryan Auld and Kimberly Goldson ... so which was the best designer?

Okay, Josh M. can't win this. He can't. Please, someone tell me he can't win this thing! But if he does, maybe he and last year's winner, Gwetchen, can make a nightmare neon hustler/Aztec boho knockoff collection together. Which no one will buy. Seriously, though, the man has terrible taste. But the really unfortunate thing is I don't think Anya, who had been so strong all season, can pull it out and win this thing following her epic meltdown. Still, I can't look away. Just please, don't let Josh M. win! 

The designers flit around, stressing out, while Josh M. whines that he has three people he has to knock out of the competition before he can take his rightful place as the winner. Then, Tim comes in with good news.  Each designer gets $500 to go shopping at Mood. This seems, pretty obviously, to be a Hail Mary pass to Anya, who messed up the most and has the most new outfits to make. Still, all of the designers are happy as clams. Who doesn't like shopping?  

Josh M. finds some hideous neon green fabric to buy in bulk. I know neon is back, but neon GREEN? And this much of it? He can't be serious. But oh, he is. He really is. 

Even with that hideous crap in his bag, Josh M. says failing at this point doesn't seem an option to him. Back in the workroom, he cries to, of all people, Anya. He has nothing to go back to! He doesn't have a job! Anya pets him and tells him he has a great collection. She tries to talk about why she's worried, and Josh M. looks insanely bored. He thinks he should take a nap! Somewhere, Beck is bitterly laughing. Yes! 

Tim checks in with the designers. He wants to know how Kimberly will fix her heinous bubble skirt. Kimberly doesn't know. Ditch it, Kimberly! It's not an asset! Tim tells her to work like there's no tomorrow. This is code for "girl, you've got a big mess to clean up; get sewing."

Anya tells Tim her collection is not her best work, but she's had a great experience. This is basically her way of saying it's okay that she's going to lose, essentially. What? Tim tells her to spice it up. Where's the pep talk? Tim, give the girl a good, hard shake. She can't give up this close to the finish line, even if it's improbable that she'll be able to pull off ten solid looks at this point.

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