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In-fighting splits designers' emotional seams on 'Project Runway'

Remember when we used to have the model-themed spin-off of "Project Runway"? And how we spent agonizing minutes watching the designers pick which model they wanted for their very own each week? Aren't you glad that's become a distant memory? Nothing against the models, but it was just one of many time sucks on a show filled with them. Now, if Lifetime could just find a way to get money from L'Oreal and Garnier Fructis without having to drag us into the hair and make-up room each week, we'd be golden. Anyway, let's get to the show, which promises to have lots of fighting, as it's a team challenge PLUS Bert's still in the competition. Let the games begin!

The designers wake up to discover they have presents waiting for them. Of course, the surprises on "Project Runway" are rarely good ones, and the designers discover they must wear T-shirts and running shorts to meet Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum at the New Balance Track & Field Center. Let's just say that some designers look cuter in workout gear than others.   

Heidi is very excited about this challenge, because it's a way for her to plug her line of shoes and apparel for New Balance PLUS get a few designs to sell. But there is one designer wearing a frowny face. Cecilia is so angry that the judges sent Julie home. Um, okay. I understand feeling sad or disappointed, but angry?   

Heidi explains that the designers will be divided up into four teams of three, and each team will have a captain. No one wants to work with Bert. Bert doesn't want to work with anyone. I see tension already! All of the designers must run around the track once, and the first four people to cross the finish line will be the team captains. So, fitness counts in fashion. Who knew?

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