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Ferrell found 'Office' job 'intimidating'

While “Office” temp Deangelo Vickers had no fears when it came to facing his new (and now former) staff, the same can’t be said for the man behind the character. During a Thursday morning visit to TODAY, actor Will Ferrell confessed that he was taken aback the first time he stood before the regular cast of characters.

“I was just sitting around thinking about this was Steve Carell’s last season,” Ferrell said of his motivation to guest star on the ensemble hit. “I just wanted, as a fan, to be a part of the show. So that’s how we kind of came up with the idea. But I do have to say, that first day on set, and looking at this very familiar cast who know each other very well, was slightly intimidating.”

Of course, it didn’t take the star long to get over that feeling. Good thing, too, as his entire “Office” stint didn’t take long. The last part of Ferrell’s four-episode arc aired just last week.

When TODAY host Matt Lauer asked the funnyman if he had any intention to put in extra “Office” hours in the future, Ferrell insisted there was no comeback in the cards. But he plans to keep other options open.

“I may be taking over here at the TODAY show,” Ferrell deadpanned. “There are talks. We are in negotiations.”

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