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Father says Jackson only agreed to 10 shows

The “King of Pop” had sold out 50 dates at London's O2 arena, but now Joe Jackson and one of Michael’s former associates have come forward claiming the pop star never agreed to so many shows.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Michael Jackson was due to kick off his “This Is It” concert series in London on July 13. The “King of Pop” had sold out 50 dates at the O2 arena in Britain’s capital, but now Joe Jackson and one of Michael’s former associates have come forward claiming the pop star never agreed to so many shows.

“Michael told me this himself, that he only agreed to 10 shows, but they went and added all these other shows,” Joe Jackson told ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an interview which aired Monday morning.

“I was concerned because all the shows that I’m seeing, no artist can do that many shows back to back like that. So I knew Michael couldn’t do all those shows without some rest between,” he added.

Leonard Rowe, a longtime friend of Michael Jackson’s and the man who was — for a period of time — serving as a financial advisor on the pop star’s tour dates also said to “GMA” on Monday that Michael Jackson agreed to just 10 dates.

“Michael Jackson was not ready, he was not fit. If you can call weighing about 110-115 pounds fit at 5’10”… But besides that, Michael Jackson told me himself, when he hired me, he never wanted to do 50 shows. He only agreed to do 10,” Rowe said.

But according to Randy Phillips, president & CEO of AEG Live, Michael Jackson told them Leonard Rowe had “no business relationship” with the pop star.

“Michael Jackson informed our organization that he had no formal, informal or business agreements with Leonard Rowe. We were advised that Mr. Rowe had no business relationship with Michael Jackson and were given specific instructions not to involve him with any matters concerning Michael Jackson or our relationship with him,” the executive said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

“Although Mr. Rowe made several attempts to discuss matters pertaining to our agreement with Michael Jackson, based on these instructions, I refused to enter into any conversation with him,” the statement concluded.

Sister confirms interview, disses Debbie RoweIn related Michael Jackson news, a rep for La Toya Jackson confirmed to Access Hollywood that she did indeed sit down for a four-and-a-half hour interview with British tabloids News of the World and Mail on Sunday, and that the interviews, “were 95% correct.”

According to Caroline Graham, who interviewed La Toya Jackson for the Mail on Sunday, Michael’s older sister believed a shadowy group “murdered” the King of Pop.

La Toya Jackson believes “that her brother Michael was murdered,” Graham told Access. “She feels that he was surrounded by some very shady characters who didn’t have his best interest at heart.”

Graham also said La Toya Jackson told her that the Jackson family were distrusting of Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Michael’s eldest children; Prince Michael I, 12; and Paris Michael Katherine, 11.

“La Toya was scathing about Debbie Rowe. She says that she’s a woman that only comes around looking for money and in fact, the children don’t even know that Debbie Rowe is their mother,” Graham recounted.