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Fans will miss Elliott, split over who will win

Both Taylor and Katharine have plenty of fans
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The "American Idol" road came to an end for Elliott Yamin on May 17. Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks will face off in next week's finale. Readers were sad to see Yamin go, but were fairly evenly split over whether it was a deserved boot or not.

Here are some of your comments.

ALL ARE TALENTED“Elliott did not deserve to be sent home! He has done an awesome job and should be encouraged to continue! There were so many talented young people and they should all have an opportunity to continue.”    --Carol

ELLIOTT LACKS THE LOOK“I really like Elliott, but was surprised he's made it this far - just doesn't have "the look" but his voice and mannerisms are great - I love to listen to him and hope he's very successful - he deserves that happiness!”    --Nancy

NOT A KATHARINE FAN“Elliott DID NOT deserve to go home ,he has a wonderful, distinctive voice and i simply cannot believe that the American public would vote for the sickly sweet, egotistical, squawking Katherine McPhee...surely to God now, it has to be Taylor Hicks to win, Let`s wipe that smug, self satisfied smile off this talentless Prima Donna’s face.”    --Jan

KATHARINE WILL WIN“Sad but true, it was time for Elliott to go. A nice young man with a great voice but not an American Idol. Look for Katherine to win it all but Taylor will make it a close race.”    --Darrell

CHILDISH TAYLOR“I think Taylor’s antics are disgusting and so childish. The movements, jerks and face expressions are hard to watch. I think Katharine deserves to win. She is professional, acts like a lady and is the best singer.”    --Anonymous

WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT“Elliott's departure was the most gut-wrenching AI episode in all 5 seasons. What a great guy! What a great voice! What an accomplishment from Elliott, the pharmacy clerk with no professional training! Can't wait to buy his CD. I suppose I'll vote for Taylor next week--he's always entertaining. But my heart won't be in it.”    --ES

DISAPPOINTED“I was disappointed this week and last week. Chris was probably the most talented singer American Idol has had. I believe that Elliot grew to be one of the best male singers ever on that show. I would grow tired of watching Taylor's antics and Katharine is boring.”    --Sue

TAYLOR IS CONTAGIOUS“I love Elliott’s voice and I would buy his music in a minute. However Taylor has been my favorite since day one. He is just contagious and makes me feel good. I thought the talent was better than last year.”    --Connie

JUDGE THE JUDGES“I believe the judges should be evaluated for next year I think that they are growing tired but have no other source of income, except Simon. I'm tired of Randy's "your my dog" thing. Paula needs to find another Janet Jackson for her emotional rescue. I enjoy every one of the contestants, however this is truly a blue collar year. I would love to crack open a few brews and invite Taylor Hicks over for some great karaoke.”    --Anonymous