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Fans walk out on Tracy Morgan’s stand-up act

All seven of "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan’s Thanksgiving week shows at a New York comedy club were sold out, but unfortunately ticket sales and a positive reviews aren’t mutually exclusive.

If the writer’s strike doesn’t end soon, you might want to light a candle for Tracy Morgan of “30 Rock.” All seven of Morgan’s Thanksgiving week shows at comedy club Caroline’s on Broadway sold out, but unfortunately ticket sales and positive reviews aren’t mutually exclusive. Morgan still had more than 30 minutes left in his 90-minute Nov. 24 show when audience members began walking out.

According to a Caroline’s employee, dissatisfaction with the “Saturday Night Live” alum was spreading like staph as the week progressed. “Lots of people have been walking out early. I think people expected Tracy Jordan, not Morgan,” the employee said, referring to Morgan’s “30 Rock” persona. The main difference between the two? Jordan is funny while Morgan just thinks he is.

At its best, the routine was stale and slightly amusing. At its worst, it was vulgar and awkward (think more Marilyn Manson than Larry David here). I hope Morgan did this on purpose, as if to say, “This is what I will subject the public to if the studios and writers can’t come to an agreement.” Speaking as one of the dozens and dozens of “30 Rock” fans out there, I hope that’s the case, and production on “30 Rock” resumes as quickly as possible, at least for Morgan’s sake.

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