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Fans speak out on ‘Idol’ premiere

Keep on telling it like it is, Simon
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"American Idol" returned Tuesday night, and fans are enthusiastic about another season of excruciating auditions, snarky judges and, in the end, a new "Idol." Here are some of your thoughts on the first show.

BORING“I thought it was boring! First time for everything I guess. It just wasn’t as funny as previous years.”    --Nunie

BLAND BLONDE‘I thought it was great as usual! I was really impressed with the two sixteen year male twins from Michigan, but the blonde girl going for the Paris Hilton [look] was absolutely terrible! She couldn’t even put a single sentence together, much less sing.”    --Steve

WATCH YOUR MOUTH“I liked the Simmons brothers and the two young crooners, Smits and Radford. The worst was the girl with the profanity. Bad singing is tolerable, bad language is not. The judges seem stressed and short with all of them, even some of the good ones. I believe it’s getting time for some fresh judges for a season or two.”    --M.C.

WEIGHTY ISSUE“The first night was entertaining. My 12 year old daughter and I enjoyed watching on the couch and celebrating with those that won and laughing at those who you know just couldn’t be serious that they thought they could sing. I really like David Radford. I hope he practices different styles because I thought he had a wonderful voice. The worst contestant was the girl that added cussing to her lyrics. As she walked out with her mother I couldn’t believe that her mom continued with her acting like a spoiled brat stamping her feet cussing and did nothing. My daughter wouldn’t be seeing sunlight for acting like that, especially on TV. I thought the judges about the same. I thought it was extremely mean of Simon about the heavy girl. I’ve always been thin, but I feel sympathy for those who aren’t.”    --Celeste

SIMON ISN’T MEAN“I don’t think Simon is particularly mean—these folks that show up for the auditions especially the ones that can’t carry a tune shouldn’t feel unhappy when he tears into them- after all it’s his opinion they are asking for and he rarely hesitates to give them all they want and more!! Worst : Transvestite wanna be; Gina & David Better: The Twin Action.”    --Ann

JUDGES ARE ACTING“The interactions between the judges seemed much more staged this year. It seems like they told Simon to be meaner and Randy and Paula to give him more hell for it.”    --Jana

MORE KUDOS FOR SIMON“The criticism of Simon is unwarranted. He is the only honest judge on the panel. It is actually a kindness to tell these people, who have some psycho-somatic inkling that they have talent, that they are wasting everyone’s time and torturing everyone’s hearing by even attempting to sing. Paula and Randy are too busy trying to look like they have the barest idea of what talent is that they are afraid to tell people what they need to hear. Bravo Simon! Keep the honesty level where the rest of us can see it.”    --Kim

MYSTIFYING“I liked it, but ended up scratching my head alot of the way through it...Sisters Brooke and Leah Barrettsmith were really impressive, and BARELY made it, but the freak, Dr. Doolittle got a 2 to 1 vote? C’mon Randy and Paula. I understand the entertainment aspect, but this is a little over the top. someone really talented could have had that spot they gave Dave Hoover. I’ll still continue to watch though!”    --Robin