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Fans to Hoda: You're a book thief!

After a spread on Jenna Bush Hager's baby shower ran in "People" magazine, Hoda bravely admitted that she'd recycled a gift for the party because she didn't have time to shop, and had given Jenna her niece Hannah's book instead of buying something new.

Sadly, Hoda learned the hard way that confession doesn't always lead to absolution.


Viewers poured on the gift-shaming, and Kathie Lee read some of their disappointed and scandalized Facebook comments with delight.

"'Hoda is a disorganized mess,'" Kathie Lee read from one commenter, who thought Hoda should have made time to hit a bookstore. Another accused her of stealing from Hannah, who, to be fair, didn't even know the book was gone.

"This is ridiculous," said Hoda, who was not sorry. One commenter agreed with her decision to bring a used book, saying that Hoda couldn't be blamed for it "in this economy."

Hoda argued that it was better than showing up empty handed, and Jenna loved the book, so no harm done.

What do you think? Was it stealing, or just good financial sense?

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who would probably give away her nieces's stuff by accident if she did.

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