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Fans are loving this emotional moment between Storm Reid and Zendaya

The Hollywood stars play sisters on the HBO drama "Euphoria."
/ Source: TODAY

Storm Reid and Zendaya share a sisterhood that transcends the screen.

The Hollywood stars, who play sisters on the HBO drama "Euphoria," shared a sweet red-carpet moment at Thursday's Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards. In a video Essence tweeted, Reid is seen bursting into tears over how much Zendaya's real-life friendship means to her.

"Thank you for the constant — like I say all the time — inspiration. There's lots of people that came into my life — " the 17-year-old actor said before she began tearing up.

"Ah, I'm gonna cry," Reid continued, as Zendaya put her arms around her.

"Why am I crying! I hate crying!" Reid added, laughing.

"It's so cute! Don't cry," Zendaya told her co-star, as she gently wiped away her tears.

Storm Reid, left, and Zendaya in a scene from the HBO series "Euphoria."HBO Max

Reid pulled herself together to continue thanking Zendaya, 24, for supporting her ever since she made her screen debut in 2018's sci-fi flick "A Wrinkle in Time."

"There's lots of people that came into my life when 'Wrinkle' came out. And they were like, 'Oh yeah, I'm here to support you.' But you were one of those people that stuck to that. So for that, thank you," she said.

Zendaya turned around and showered the love back on Reid.

"You're my baby sister," the Emmy winner said. "I'm telling you. We met — right? — our first time in, like, a Ben and Jerry's, when she was so tiny. And then here we are, we're real life sisters, I believe that, and TV sisters.

"I'm so proud of everything that you do. You know that," she went on. "I'm a ride or die and I'll continue to support everything you do. You're phenomenal. The love is mutual."

Essence captioned the emotional video, "A Moment! There is nothing like the Sisterhood of Black Women! @Zendaya + @stormreid = (love).

Fans seemed to really love the exchange between the two actors.

"queens supporting queens, we love to see it," one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person responded, "omgg they’re so cute."

Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé's mom, commented on Instagram, "You two (sic) young women are amazing. So proud of you both."

Zendaya's own career took off when she landed a starring role on the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up." Just last month, the actor opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about how she was able to hold out for certain terms in 2013 when she took the lead role in Disney's "K.C. Undercover."

"That was my first time realizing that I could have a little bit of power and request things that I wanted," Zendaya said. "It was hugely important to me that it was a Black family being showcased. I just thought that that was important from the Disney Channel, considering that I know I watched it as a kid, and what I connected to the most was 'That's So Raven.'"

She added, "I think it's always important for kids to see themselves reflected on the screen, and when you're making child programming you have a little bit of an extra responsibility there."