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Fans already ‘Desperate’ for new season to begin

Readers share their thoughts on Sunday's "Desperate Housewives" finale.
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Viewers are still talking about Sunday night's "Desperate Housewives" finale, which answered some questions (the mystery of Deirdre and Dana) and created others (will George be punished for Rex's death?).

Here are some of your thoughts on the show.

R.I.P., REX“My wife and I were sad to see Rex die in the finale. Although he had flaws, we were hoping to see him and Bree work through their problems and get on with their life. We hope that Bree finds out that it was George who killed Rex.”    --Don

REX CAN’T BE DEAD“I don’t think that Rex really died. I think that he and his doctor staged his death in an attempt to see Bree’s reaction and if she really was trying to kill him. I think once the truth comes out, he will re-appear. I’m really curious about the Applewhites and their obvious reluctance to talk to Edie. Absolutely, I’ll watch the show next fall. I have not missed an episode yet and I’m not going to next season either.”    --Marlethea

TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY“I think it will be great when [Lynette] is shown up by her husband on the home front as she certainly acts superior in the work place. I love humor and this show is really turning dark. The balance between humor and tragic events is tipping to the wrong side in my opinion.”    --Valerie

ORDER IN THE COURT“I don’t think any court of law would let John walk in during the grand jury investigation and let him whisper to Carlos.”    --Bob

NOT A MOMMY“I can’t even picture Gabrielle pregnant. It will be interesting to see if she carries the baby to term. Somehow I don’t think she will. She really is not the nurturing motherly type.” --Debra

“I thought it was surprising the way the writers linked Mike and Paul and Zach. It’ll be interesting to see the way Susan reacts to the news...if Mike lives to tell the tale.”    --Debi

MIKE AND EDIE?“The worst and most annoying is Susan’s role. Susan is the most insecure and untrusting woman in the show. Susan is not interesting or funny like the other women. I love Mike and I hope he sleeps with Edie.”    --Melanie

SHOCKED“I loved it! I guess the most shocking storyline was that of Rex and Bree...Rex is dead! Wow! Didn’t see that coming! It will be interesting to find out if someone will figure out it was George, not Bree, that was involved in his death. Another shocker was that Mary Alice, not Paul, was Deidre’s killer! I don’t think that I can wait until the Fall to see what happens!! It’s going to be a looooong summer!”    --Heather

TOO SLOW“I like the show, but hate watching it because the commercials are way too often and too long. Also, until the finale, the plot moved forward way too slowly.”    --Anonymous

PREDICTABLE“The show really is interesting, but so predictable. Let me guess...Zach is Mike’s son...and of course Rex died - he wasn’t taking his much needed medication (unless that was a dream sequence - I hate soap operas)...Edie, shockingly, dressed like a whore to meet the new neighbors...John, who is to immature to know when it’s best to keep your mouth shut, told Carlos that he’s been sleeping with his wife and Carlos, amazingly enough, was angry about that...Tom quit/got fired because Lynnette can’t trust her husband because she was the floozy who interrupted his previous relationship. The surprises just go on and on. I will probably watch the show in the fall, if for no other reason than to have something to discuss on those horrible Monday mornings.”    --Amber

CHANGE YOUR SHIRT, LYNETTE“There are a few things that I find to be far-fetched..I did love the finale and the most far-fetched it the fact that Lynette had (and always seems to have) food stained shirts on at home.. In reality (as a mom of 4) I remember changing if I had food stained shirts on.” --Diane

WHO’S YOUR DADDY?“The saddest plot is that Zach is such a mess and that he might kill Mike (which he won’t) before he finds out that Mike is his father.”    --Sherry