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Fang tribe takes turn for the dumb on ‘Survivor’

A surprise tribe realignment on "Survivor Gabon" shocked the castaways, and it ended up being the last week for Jacquie, despite a strong challenge performance.
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The tribe has spoken: Jacquie got kicked out of the new Fang tribe, because the old members of Fang feared that she could team up with the former Kota members who joined their tribe, even though they'd still only number three to their four.

In other words, the old Fang members are dumb, because Jacquie was one of the three people who actually contributed during the immunity challenge. Still, she understood: "They were probably smart in saving their own butts," she said in her final words, insisting that she could have won the game if she'd stuck around just one more week.

Rank up, line up, mix up: Jeff Probst instructed each tribe to rank its members in order of importance to the tribe, and then announced that new tribes would be formed, shocking everyone.

Marcus and Matty, who were judged most important on their respective tribes, started a new pick-'em round that left Fang with Matty, Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, Kelly, and GC, and Kota with Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie, and Bob. Jeff Probst delighted in pointing out who the losers were — for example, that Kelly was ranked last for Kota, and later, that GC was left as the last person on the Kota tribe.

Fang dissolves: The Fang tribe got new members, but still got blown away in a challenge, ending the tribe's one-week winning streak from the last episode. Jeff Probst suggested that there's something in the water, because people on Fang "just dissolve." If they are contracting something, it's a plague of weakness and stupidity.

It helps to have such low expectations: Kelly was thrilled with her new tribe for one simple reason: "I'm so happy that I get to, like, talk and you guys, like, talk back," she said.

Sweetening the pot: Sugar was the odd person out at the tribe switch, so she was sent to Exile until after Tribal Council, when she'll join the tribe that lost a member (Fang), evening the tribes up again. (At Exile, she chose the comfort option, since she already has the immunity idol, so she spent her time in a hammock eating fruit and sunbathing.) Her return to that tribe concerned the old Fang members, especially when they learned that Ace is close to both Sugar and Jacquie.

It's hard out here for a pimp: Once she learned that Ace sleeps next to Sugar and Jacquie, Crystal declared, "He's pimp daddy Ace." And when GC got picked last, he said, "This is not looking too good for a pimp out here." If only the pimps could get their tribe under control.

Empty threat of the week: Randy realized that since he was in the minority in his new Kota tribe, one of the old Fang members would go home if they were to go to Tribal Council. Randy was at peace with the fact that Kota would pick one of his former tribemates to vote off, if threatening to become an arsonist represents peacefulness. "If it's not me, I'll go along with it. If it is me, I'll burn the camp down," Randy said.

Paging Captain Obvious: After Dan's boat flipped over during the immunity challenge, Jeff Probst said, "Dan, you're out of your boat." At the tribe switch, Probst told the last Kota member standing, "GC, nobody chose you." Also, they're in Africa. On a TV show.

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