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Fan stuns the crowd with her incredible voice at Michael Bublé concert

A 21-year-old college student wowed the crowd at a Michael Bublé concert at Madison Square Garden with her impromptu rendition of "At Last."
/ Source: TODAY

Just a few days ahead of the Oscars, a fan at a Michael Bublé concert had a moment right out of "A Star is Born."

While engaging with fans during his performance at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, Bublé invited Erin Bellucci, 21, from the front row of the crowd to sing a rendition of her favorite song, the Etta James classic "At Last."

Bellucci, a music major at the University of Delaware, promptly blew Bublé and the crowd away with her soulful rendition of the song. Her older sister, Allison Bellucci, 24, who was with her at the concert, captured the scene on video.

"That was so beautiful," Bublé told her after she handed back in the microphone. "That may not be your last time here. That was incredible."

The surreal night for Bellucci was reminiscent of the scene in the Oscar-nominated remake of "A Star is Born" in which Bradley Cooper, playing a famous country singer, invites an unknown singer played by Lady Gaga up on stage at his concert. Her amazing performance then puts her on the road to fame.

Bellucci, a singer with jazz and a cappella groups at Delaware, seized her own moment.

"I was stammering, but then I heard the music,'' Bellucci told from her hometown of West Hartford, Connecticut.

"I’ve sung that song so many times, they had the piano ready to go, and I knew I had about 30 seconds to sell myself."

Bellucci got her opportunity to shine when Bublé began asking the crowd if anyone had favorite songs they liked to sing in the shower. Both sisters began jumping up and down to get Bublé's attention, leading to Erin's big chance.

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't be terrible judges,'' Bublé said before handing over the microphone. "Be more Blake (Shelton) than Simon Cowell."

Erin's proud father, Connecticut high school football coach Harry Bellucci, reveled in the amazing moment shortly after it happened.

Bellucci's impromptu performance was so good that Bublé had to assure the crowd that she hadn't been planted there on purpose.

"You know what, this is the truth,'' he said. "Don't think this is some set-up thing. It's not set up."

Bublé has been inviting fans to sing at several stops on his current tour.

"There's real horror because I never know what's gonna happen,'' he said on stage afterward. "Some nights that doesn't happen."

"I think this is a sign that I really need to put myself out there,'' Bellucci told "Michael Bublé … this is is just incredible."