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Fan leaves "I (heart) Rob" message on Kristen Stewart's filthy truck

Kristen Stewart was not amused by the "I (heart) Rob" message she found scrawled on her dirty truck.

Kristen Stewart been seen all over the world in the past few weeks-- Paris Fashion Week, Nashville, Hollywood movie studios--everywhere except a car wash, that is.

As she left a North Hollywood parking lot on Monday, the "Twilight" star noticed a message had been scrawled into the dust of her truck. No, it didn't read "Wash me!" Instead, "I (heart) Rob" had been written on to the filth-mobile and, of course, photographers were there to capture the moment.

Stewart, who didn't appear to be too happy with the messy memo, had previously shared the old Toyota pickup truck with her ex-boyfriend and "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson. It's not surprising that a fan (or was it a paparazzo looking to get a rise out of the sullen starlet?) would recognize the navy blue beater--even under all that dirt--as Stewart's. She and Pattinson were often photographed driving and making out in all over Hollywood earlier this year.

The couple ended their on-and-off-again love affair in May, and custody of the beloved pickup appears to have gone to Stewart. Pattinson may be out of Stewart's life for good (he's rumored to be dating Riley Keough, her co-star in "The Runaways") but, unfortunately, he's not off of her car.