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Family woes dominate ‘Desperate Housewives’

Gaby and Carlos get in touch with their heritage, while Susan meets up with her inner stripper.
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Shaking the family tree: Gaby and Carlos want to get Juanita into private school, but when the headmaster mentions diversity, they realize Juanita knows nothing about her Mexican heritage. Carlos is mortified that his daughter knows so little about her family background, But Gaby has no problem with it, until a few hours with some family photos makes her realize how much she owes to the hard-working and dedicated Mexican-Americans who brought her up.

The full Meyer: When Karl's will is read, Susan learns her ex-husband left her his share of the Double D Gentleman's Club. When she visits the strip club, she learns that Mike is a regular. It's mostly due to plumbing jobs, but she's still horrified, and forbids him from visiting, which doesn't sit well with her husband. In true Susan fashion, she lures him to the club with a fake plumbing emergency, then performs a strip tease until Mike goes all caveman and carries her off the stage.

Job-sharing: Carlos and Gaby are thankful to the Scavos for saving Juanita, and buy them a flat-screen TV, plus promise to pay Lynette well into her maternity leave. Somehow it ends up that Tom Scavo fills in for Lynette while she waits for the baby, and he does such a good job that Lynette becomes furiously jealous. She's especially mad when she learns that Tom told Carlos Lynette would be staying home with the new baby and not returning to work. Tom tells her he wishes she could talk about losing the twin who died, but eventually gives in, although you can tell he's not pleased with the situation.

Bree's battle: Bree confesses her affair to her pastor, and tries to atone for it by helping a paralyzed Orson. He's not exactly thrilled by it, at first planning to board with Karen McCluskey, then finally moving in with Bree, but running her ragged doing things for him, all the while constantly reminding her of his paralysis, and her betrayal. Seems Bree is just as trapped as she was before Karl died.

Quote of the week: "No one hanging from a pole should know your name!" --Susan, after learning that stripper Destiny is on a first-name basis with Mike.