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False idol not enough to save Papa Bear on 'Survivor'

Monty Brinton / CBS / Today
Keith Tollefso, Ozzy Lusth, Mark Caruso, and Jim Rice hitch a ride on the immunity challenge.

"Survivor: South Pacific" delivered a good episode Wednesday night, though one more notable for its baffling behavior by contestants than for strategy or game play.

The exit of Papa Bear was no surprise, to him or to us.

At our first duel of the season, Semhar and Christine faced off, and Christine won, allowing her to seek the revenge she wants. As she explained, “I think Coach just had it out for me from the beginning, and he was going to do whatever it took to get me out, and he succeeded.”

Gee, where have we heard something like that before? Wasn’t there someone who, right at the beginning, seconds into the game, said she had it out for Coach and would do whatever she could to get him out? Who was that?

The duel once again included spectators from each tribe, which is something that’s kind of annoying; let the whole tribe go or don’t bother. Both tribes sent their returnees, and Ozzy and Coach had a fun moment when they rolled their eyes at each other while Semhar prepped by doing some spoken word poetry, which obviously helped her focus and concentrate on being eliminated by dropping the statue she was trying to balance.

Papa Bear’s last-ditch effort to save himself had the potential to be interesting. He faked an immunity idol and as Cochran so perfectly explained, returned to camp with “an extra-large bulge in his underpants” because “he clearly wants us to think he has the idol.”

He exited anyway, in an unsurprising vote. The most unusual part was that it really seemed like the tribe was mostly sad about getting rid of him, but knew they had to because of his challenge performance.

The best part was that he could tell they were voting for him when Ozzy told him they were voting for Cochran.

“I’m not an idiot,” Papa Bear said, forgetting that he’d nicknamed himself Papa Bear. His eye roll was almost as hilarious as his run through the woods to dig frantically for the hidden immunity idol.

As Elyse said, “Papa Bear doesn’t sprint, ever”; if only he’d done that in the challenges, perhaps he’d still be around.

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