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Eyes closed, head first, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' can't lose

The season finale of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had everything a fan would love: Captain Raymond Holt ballroom dancing (is there anything Andre Braugher can't do hilariously?), an intriguing case for Jake Peralta to solve next season, a romantic cliff-hanger, and a what-was-that? ending.

If you haven't watched it, please stop reading. If you have, you're probably wondering how the show will balance Peralta (Andy Samberg) not being part of the precinct anymore and not being allowed to have contact with his pals. No more torturing Captain Raymond "Sex Vibes?" Or hanging with his egg-self-medicating BFF Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) or flirt-hating with Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)?

Fox has renewed the Golden Globe-winning comedy for a second season, so there will be answers. But not until the fall. At least, fans can rejoice that no characters were killed off. Or as Jake said in the episode during an amusing battering of the "Friday Night Lights" refrain, "Eyes closed, head first, can't lose!"

Eddy Chen / Today
Is it over? Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) moved on from the "Brooklyn Nine Nine" precinct in the season finale.

"For a comedy, there’s plenty of shake-ups ... and raising the stakes right at the end there," Samberg said coyly at a press event in Los Angeles about seven hours before the finale aired. 

TODAY spoke to Samberg about the freshman season's wild ride, winning a Globe along with the show, and what could be in store for "Nine-Nine" next year.

Jake and Amy: Will they or won't they?
"I really like the way that (executive producers Mike Schur and Dan Goor) have addressed that. It’s developing really slowly and we also don’t know if it will ever be a thing. Just like in real life, where you’re like, 'Is that something? Are they just kind of a sibling kind of relationship?' I feel that it is a little more true to life. You have to get to know characters as a viewer before you tell them there’s this heavy chemistry here! No one really knows if there is or isn't and I think that’s kind of more interesting."

The revelation of Braugher as a comedian
"Before we ever did a table read, I was like, 'I hope Andre can do comedy because I’m a huge fan of his as a dramatic actor.' But as soon as we did the first table read, me and Mike and Dan all looked at each other across the table and kind of nodded, 'Oh yeah, we’re going to be fine.'"

The show's critical acclaim and those two Golden Globes
"I’m enjoying it this year. Let’s put it that way: I don’t count on anything past what’s happening in this exact moment, but it’s been really cool and far exceeded anything I was expecting from doing this show. I was more excited to get to work with guys like Mike and Dan because they’re so funny and so smart and I’m such a huge fan of 'Parks and Rec,' (which they also produce). It’s been a dream. It’s a good job. When you’re a comedian and you show up on set to a job where you’re not writing and you get handed material that’s as good as what we do on 'Brooklyn Nine Nine,' you just feel lucky every day. And to be able to contribute to that and add to that while we’re shooting, and the fact that I’m a producer so I’m involved in the creative process a little bit ... it’s really great. I like working in a group. It’s what I’m used to working with Lonely Island and 'Saturday Night Live.'"

Future guest stars
"I think we gotta go after (former "Good Wife" star) Josh Charles hard, right? Play my older brother or something? (Amy) Poehler used to say that he and I looked similar. One year, we were at an Emmy party and I made him take a picture with me and sent it to her and she was like, 'Yeah, maybe not.' But he’s a very handsome man so I take it as a compliment. The joy of getting renewed for another season — it feels more legit and maybe we can get more people to come have fun with us."

Favorite first season moments
"It’s hard for me to top the Thanksgiving episode when Andre does, 'My wife was murdered by a man in a yellow sweater!' Holt finally being so frustrated that his only option is to go along with Peralta’s stupid role play thing, that made me pretty happy. Also a lot of Joe moments. When we did the 'Full Boyle,' it made me laugh a lot. He had so many lame, wonderful moments in that episode. I really love doing episodes with him. But, all of them. Terry (Terry Crews) falling asleep doing a chin-up was really funny."