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Experts make grim predictions for Sheen's future

In the past, it seemed nothing could keep Charlie Sheen down for long. Despite his long list of booze, drugs and sex-related scandals, Sheen continued to have an enviable career — until now.

Sheen’s recent anger-fueled, rambling rant to a nationally syndicated radio show, wherein he boasted that he’d “go make movies with superstars” if he’s not needed or wanted for “Two and a Half Men,” may finally signal the end of his option to do just that.

According to experts who spoke on TODAY Friday morning, the star faces tough times professionally and personally.

“That wasn’t a radio interview. It was really the unraveling of a man,” interventionist and addiction specialist Kristina Wandzilak said. “It’s a very sad state of affairs. He’s a man who’s also somebody’s son. You know, there are parents watching this person pull himself apart. And really the only thing that’s left for addicts left untreated is death.”

But even if Sheen survives his current crisis, his career may remain in jeopardy.

“I think he was almost asking them to put on the brakes,” Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief of HollywoodLife.com, explained. “He went so far over the line attacking the creator of the show, the writer of the show — viciously attacking him and having anti-Semitic overtones. I don’t think (the network and producers) could have turned a blind eye to this.”

Just hours after Sheen’s radio interview, CBS and Warner Bros. Television canceled the remaining “Two and a Half Men” season — an action which earned another rant from Sheen. Whether or not the show will return at all may come down to whether or not Sheen can find some way to heal and make his own comeback.

“I think it could be the beginning of the end for him (professionally), unless he does something pretty serious about his addiction,” Fuller said. “And certainly his state of mind is not going in that direction when he says he doesn’t need it, that he’s already cured and he asked his fans to march in protest. He is delusional. I think his fans are going to have to look forward to seeing (“Two and a Half Men”) in syndication, and they’re going to hope that he does get his act together and have another furthering of his career.”

There is one vocal Sheen supporter who doesn’t agree with the experts. That would be the actor himself. While others fear his career could be nearing its end, Sheen claims his biggest TV opportunity still lies ahead.

“I’m close to securing a deal with HBO for a 10 show guarantee,” the actor told Radar Online.  “It will be epic, all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!”

If that deal sounds too absurd, er, good to be true, just wait for the financial details of the allegedly upcoming "Sheen's Corner."

According to Sheen, he’ll make $5 million per episode with HBO. That is $3 million per show more than he’s said to bring in under his current “Men” contract.

Update: HBO told TheWrap.com on Friday that there is no deal with Sheen.

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