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Expect Jon and Kate to separate

Jon and Kate Gosselin have said they'll make a life-changing announcement on the June 22 episode of their reality show. Some expect divorce, but separation is more likely.
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Jon and Kate Gosselin say they will announce a “life-changing decision” on the June 22 episode of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Many assume the couple will announce they’re getting a divorce. On Thursday, broke the news that “a source close to the situation says that Kate recently met with a divorce lawyer and Jon will file papers next week.”

According to other sources who know the couple, that is close to the truth. “They’ve met with a lawyer, but divorce is not a definite,” said one source.

Another source close to the production says that while they couldn’t confirm the Radar report, a separation announcement is definitely a strong possibility.

“They’ve been spending almost all their time apart; they’ve gone to a lawyer,” said the source. “Right now though, everyone knows it’s in the best interest to them — and let’s be honest, the show — to ride out a separation. They’ve been through a lot in a short amount of time, and there are a lot of emotions. A separation announcement has seemed imminent since the cheating scandal broke. A divorce announcement though, that would be shocking.”

Hilton’s friend search goes global
Either Paris Hilton hopes to have a BFF in every port, or she’s had to cast the net for a new best friend extremely wide to find one that’s suitable.

The Associated Press reports that Hilton soon will launch a global search and expand her “My New BFF” show into a global brand. One place to which the search will take her: Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

But don’t worry about the hotel heiress conforming to Dubai’s more conservative way of life. Hilton “promised to dress more conservatively in Dubai than she does in Los Angeles,” according to Abu Dhabi publication The National. “I love the way the women dress here,” Hilton said. “It’s a lot more conservative and elegant than Hollywood. I’m excited about trying new fashion. The women here are so beautiful. I can learn a lot from these girls.”

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In other Hilton news, despite British reports that she and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo were “sucking each other’s faces off like their plane was going down,” Hilton told Life & Style magazine that the two are not dating. “Anytime I'm seen with a guy, everybody automatically thinks we're dating," she said.

Weekend box officeWhen I look at the trailers for “Year One,” starring Michael Cera and Jack Black, I get the sinking feeling that I’m staring down a long dark tunnel toward Monday, when the box office numbers indicate another bomb has been detonated.

It’s simple: A prehistoric comedy that relies on the liberal employment of bathroom humor is not going to attract a large and diverse audience.

“The Proposal,” on the other hand, while a romantic comedy, has just enough female and date-night appeal to post some impressive numbers.

It’s possible “The Hangover” will hold on to the number one spot, but I think the likelier bet is “The Proposal” will come out on top. Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White — there’s something for everyone.

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