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Exhausted Jolie struggles with twin demands

According to recent reports, Angelina Jolie is so exhausted she’s unable to play with her children, much less join in partner Brad Pitt's publicity blitz.
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While Brad Pitt is out and about, hopping between film festivals to promote his latest flick, “Burn After Reading,” Angelina Jolie’s remained in near-seclusion at their French home since giving birth to twins in July.

According to recent reports, the actress is so exhausted she’s unable to play with her children, much less join her partner’s publicity blitz.

“(Angie’s) been staying in bed most of the time,” a friend told In Touch. “All she does is nap. She has little or no appetite and has to force herself to remember to eat because she is still breast-feeding.”

The friend explained that Angelina is showing signs of what may be postpartum depression, as she “cries at the drop of a hat and laughs at inappropriate times,” but another insider disagrees.

It’s simply a case of severe fatigue that has the “Wanted” star down, a close source revealed to Star magazine. Raising six children, breast-feeding two of them, and recovering from a c-section is enough to drain anyone, after all.

“Angie feels so weak and uncomfortable that she can’t even sit on the ground and play Barbies with Zahara and Shiloh,” the source said. “She wants to be able to run around and play with her older kids.”

Shannen Doherty’s new ‘90210’ feudWhile bears little resemblance to the original drama on-screen, it’s shaping up to be a complete copycat behind-the-scenes. The National Enquirer reports that history is repeating itself, as frequent feuder Shannen Doherty’s already at odds with another member of the cast.

Shannen’s new nemesis is said to be former “Degrassi: The Next Generation” star Shenae Grimes, who plays Annie Wilson on the revamped Beverly Hills drama.

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“(Shenae) actually referred to Shannen as an ‘effin bitch’ and said from the first moment Shannen walked onto the set she’s been acting like she’s special,” an insider revealed. “Shenae was saying that Shannen talks down to the costume designers and caterers like they’re her servants and prances around the set like she’s Hollywood royalty.”

The younger actress may be inviting more than she bargained for with the reported backstage bashing, though. When it comes to off-screen offense, she’s dealing with a veteran.

“Shenae better watch her step because as we all know, Shannen Doherty doesn’t take crap from anyone — especially from some young, know-it-all starlet,” the insider said.

Dish on the flyLooking back on his part in “Basic Instinct 2,” David Thewlis considers himself lucky. While the actor, better known to audiences as Remus Lupin in the “Harry Potter” films, told Total Film the 2006 movie was “a pile of sh--,” at least he didn’t spend much time with the leading lady. “I didn't have much to do with Sharon Stone. And thank God, because apparently she was a f---ing nightmare!” … Brooke Hogan doesn’t have time to keep up with politics — at least that was her excuse when Defamer asked for her opinion on Sen. John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin and she replied, “Who’s that?” But, no matter, as Hulk’s little girl sees it, she knows all she needs to know about the presidential race. “Everybody knows, though, that I’m not very keen on voting and stuff,” Brooke said, “You know who I’m voting for? I’m voting for God, because he’s the party of freedom, dude.”

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