Exclusive! What Caused X-Men Director to Bolt From Hollywood?

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UPDATE: Legal counsel for Matthew Vaughn strongly denies that his client had an affair with January Jones, or is the father of her expected child. We're also assured Mr. Vaughn does currently have laryngitis.


When Mad Men star January Jones announced she was pregnant April 28, everybody started asking: Who's the dad ?

Nobody--January, in particular--is talking. On the record, that is.

Off the record, several sources from January's new film, X-Men: First Class, directed by Claudia Schiffer's British husband, Matthew Vaughn, say odd happenings occurred on the set, including a "very close" relationship with Jones.

Did they have an affair, and is Matthew January's baby daddy? Reps for January and Matthew aren't saying. But here's what we do know:

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According to multiple knowledgeable X-Men sources, Vaughn and Schiffer, who were renting a house on Foothill Road in Beverly Hills, "abruptly" left town at roughly the same time Jones made her surprise baby announcement in April, even though the couple was tentatively scheduled to stay on through May.

"[Matthew] told us something about their house being renovated and they needed to get back," says a top-level X-Men source, who was directly involved in editing the summer flick, which opens June 3.

However, a representative for both Schiffer and Vaughn says the departure was not only always planned, but, also due to their children's school schedule, and that finishing up the mutant-franchise flick was unaffected. Another source on the film confirms that Vaughn's travel schedule doesn't seem to have adversely affected the film's scheduled opening.

But this is where things get weirder:

Both the Vaughn/Schiffer rep, as well as another production source (Fox, which is releasing the sequel, would not comment) said there would be no X-Men premiere, other than a "cast screening" in New York, which took place yesterday--January, among several other cast members, did show for the screening.

But the rep tells us Matthew could not attend the New York screening because of a "severe" case of tonsillitis.

Miraculously, though, Mr. Vaughn still seemed quite the chatty Cathy for X-Men interviews on the same day. His health seemed to be in tip-top shape, as the Brits would say.

Also healthy was Vaughn's time spent with Jones on set, say our X-Men insiders. Multiple sources from the set insist Jones and Vaughn were "very close" throughout shooting, as we have stated.

To which the Schiffer/Vaughn spokeswoman replied: "Matthew had a very good working relationship with all the actors during the making of this film."

Something's not adding up here, and it's not just Vaughn's dubious throat.

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