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Exclusive sneak peek: Terminal prognosis doesn't keep 'Breathless Bride' from enjoying life

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"Breathless Bride" Kirstie Mills enjoys a day out before her big day.

Plenty of brides-to-be dream of their big day, and as it approaches, they worry about all the little things that can go wrong. Will the flowers arrive on time? Did the groom-to-be remember to book the band? Will the cake taste as good as it looks? But those things didn't worry Kirstie Mills. Her main concern was simply being alive to see the day.

Kirstie suffers from cystic fibrosis and is awaiting a double lung transplant. She's also the subject of TLC's upcoming special, "Breathless Bride: Dying to Live."

A sneak peek clip exclusive to TODAY.com illustrates Kirstie's dilemma. With a prognosis of just six months to live without a transplant, she could rest and only tend to her medical needs, or she could go out, take a risk and enjoy the time she had. Her decision to go ahead with her wedding plans proved her preference, and in this clip, you can see the spirit of that decision as she chooses to down a cocktail while on a date with her fiance -- while he tends to her IV.

"I'll go for the martini," she told a server before looking up, beaming, "I never do, so why not?"

Groom and designated driver Stuart shook his head over the beverage choice, but clearly, he wanted Kirstie to have a good time.

"Lucky you've got a wheelchair 'cause you won't be able to walk after that," he said of the booze.

And lucky she had Stewart, or changing her IV while enjoying that drink might not have gone so smoothly.

You can see more clips from Kirstie's story on TLC's website. To find out how her wedding plans turned out and what the future holds for her now, tune in to "Breathless Bride" on Feb. 29 at 10 p.m. ET.

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