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Exclusive sneak peek: 'Long Island Medium' turns one grieving man into a believer

TLC / Today
Steve becomes a believer on the season premiere of "Long Island Medium."

On "Long Island Medium," some of the people who meet Theresa Caputo seem certain she can't really connect with the dearly departed. Others are firm believers in her "gift." But on the season premiere of the reality show, viewers will meet Steve, a grieving man who isn't sure what to believe -- at least at first.

After struggling with difficult emotions following the death of his mother, Steve agreed to meet face-to-face with Theresa. In this sneak peek, exclusive to TODAY.com, Steve becomes a believer.

"I wasn't coming tonight, but my wife dragged me and told me 'you have to go,'" he explained. "I've never been to one of these before, so I don't want to believe it or not believe it. I'm one of those in-between guys."

At least he was. That changed when Theresa revealed details of his last moments with his mother.

"Your mother says, 'You were not supposed to save me.' She actually shows me you whispering in her ear," Theresa said. "Is that correct?"

Overcome with tears, Steve nodded.

After telling Steve to let go of his guilt, Theresa delivered a message to his wife: "She says 'Thank you for dragging him here tonight."

Season two of "Long Island Medium" premieres March 25 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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