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Exclusive: Man eats goat heads on 'Extreme Cheapskates'

TLC / Today
Jeff Yeager cooks goat heads for one of his frugal meals on "Extreme Cheapskates."

When times get tough, it's not unusual for people to start cutting back a bit.

But for one penny-pinching man featured on TLC's upcoming special "Extreme Cheapskates," reducing his spending a bit isn't good enough. No, Jeff Yeager does much more than that. He goes on an all-out weekly fiscal fast several times a year and doesn't spend a cent of his own hard-earned money.

Instead, during his fasts, Jeff spends only the loose change that he finds around town. And when he does use that money, it's to buy the cheapest things he needs -- including food. This leads to some ... umm ... uncommon dishes at the dinner table.

"I create my menus around what is least expensive," Jeff explained in an exclusive clip TLC shared with us. "Not only does that save you a lot of money, but you tend to eat healthier. Like organ meats!"

Mmmm! OK, maybe not. Even Jeff's wife, Denise, admits that she's not always a fan of his meals. "Some of the food he eats, I just can't get myself to ... to fathom eating," she said in the clip.

Like the goat heads Jeff bargained with his local butcher for. Check it out (but beware if you have a weak stomach; this stuff doesn't exactly look appetizing):

The one-hour special "Extreme Cheapskates" airs Dec. 28 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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