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An exclusive look at 'Grimm's' monster book and makeup effects

Scott Green / NBC / Today
Stevie Battles, left, helps transform Silas Weir Mitchell into "Grimm" Blutbad Monroe.

Blutbaden and Reapers and Hexenbiest! Oh my! If you've ever wondered about the monster-creating process behind NBC's fairy-tale police procedural "Grimm," you're in luck.

In a creature feature that the network is sharing exclusively with TODAY.com, viewers can see some of the work that goes into Det. Nick Burkhardt's (played by David Giuntoli) 200-year-old monster encyclopedia and the special effects used to create the Wesen (aka fairy-tale creatures).

"This little book is just full of ... gross things!" graphic designer Carly Sertic says in the video. Indeed! It's not just chock full of creepy baddies and exotic beings, it also depicts decapitations, monsters eating human babies and more. After all, this is a book for Grimms (folks -- like Burkhardt -- who can see past the creatures' human disguises) to use to identify and figure out how to best destroy the evil monsters. 

"I never thought when I was a little kid that I would be drawing such horrific things," Sertic says in the clip.

The video also shows special makeup and creature creator Barney Burman at work, turning regular actors into Eisbibers, Lausenschlange, Fuchsbau and more. 

Check it out:

As Burman teased in the clip, expect "even bigger, crazier stuff" in season two, which kicks off on Monday, Aug. 13 at 10 p.m. on NBC. If you need a refresher of what happened in season one (and boy, did a lot go down!), check out this video that sums up the first year in seven minutes:

Want to watch -- or rewatch -- every episode instead? "Grimm" season one (and a bunch of extras) is available on DVD and Blu-ray Aug. 7.

For more "Grimm," tune into the TODAY show on Aug. 13, when star David Giuntoli is scheduled to appear. Check local listings for air times.

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