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Exclusive look: Gene Simmons' X-rated photos turn up on 'Family Jewels'

KISS rocker Gene Simmons and longtime love Shannon Tweed finally tied the knot in October after 28 years together, and as the new season of their reality show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" kicks off, it appears the pair's honeymoon period may already be over.

In an exclusive clip of the premiere episode A&E shared with TODAY.com, Shannon discovers a set of mysterious looking keys and confronts Gene. When her new hubby asks her to sit down, she knows it's bad news. "It's a 'Please sit down' key? Great," she mutters.

It seems the rock star has quite a collection of "pretty graphic" photos in a safety deposit box, and is a bit hesitant to destroy them. Check it out:

Naughty photos aren't all that the newlyweds will deal with in the new season. A trailer for the reality show reveals that Shannon wants to adopt a baby now that her kids with Gene are grown, and the rest of the family isn't exactly supportive of the idea. Viewers will also see son Nick get cut off financially, and Gene go on tour as a married man. 

Gene and Sharon joined TODAY's Kathie Lee and Hoda Wednesday to dish a bit more on the new season of "Family Jewels" -- and on how being married is a sign of maturity for the KISS singer.

First off, that box -- well, it was full of X-rated materials. "People on Twitter kept saying to me, 'What about all those albums he's always talking about?' Well, I found them," said Shannon.

"I'm getting the death stare from Kathie Lee," noted Simmons.

But after 28 years as a couple (though just recently married), it'll take a lot more than dirty pictures to get Shannon to give up on Gene. But Gene said he has really changed, and grown up.

"I think all guys will admit readily that they don't grow up for a long time," said Gene. "We have the best intentions ... the truth is we don't become mature or even close ... until way down the line."

He added, "I will love her 'til the day I die; and this is the only marriage I will ever have."

Additionally, during an earlier visit on Wednesday morning, Gene made a made a very special offer to one KISS fan and military veteran. Watch the clip below to see to Gene hire a hero.

The new season premieres Monday, May 28, with a special one-hour episode at 9 p.m. on A&E.

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