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Exclusive: 'Casting JonBenet' sneak peek offers glimpse at upcoming documentary

Twenty years after the murder of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, mystery still surrounds the circumstances of her death.

The public's interest in her life, loss and the unsolved case continues to inspire investigations, interviews, dramas and now, as you can see in this exclusive TODAY sneak peek, a new Netflix documentary called "Casting JonBenet."

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Get a first look at the new Netflix documentary about JonBenet Ramsey

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Get a first look at the new Netflix documentary about JonBenet Ramsey

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The clip opens as eight young girls — all blonde, all wearing matching pageant outfits decorated in stars, stripes and sparkling red sequins — scramble to a row of seats. They immediately begin talking over each other and giggling.

However, one of them soon gets her very own close-up.

"My name is Hannah, and I'm auditioning for the role of JonBenet Ramsey," she says, holding a clapperboard with both Ramsey's name and her own written across it. Then, with a hint of a smile, she adds, "Do you know who killed JonBenet Ramsey?"

The young hopefuls line up in "Casting JonBenet."

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The video cuts off before she gets a response, but viewers will soon have a chance to see more for themselves.

"Casting JonBenet," described by Netflix as a "sly and stylized exploration of the world's most sensational child-murder case," premieres Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. This spring, it comes to Netflix and select theaters.