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Ex-' Loser' makes bad impression on 'Bridalplasty' premiere

The first contestant cut from the eighth season of “The Biggest Loser” almost met the same fate on the season premiere of “Bridalplasty" Sunday night.  

Alexandra White, who lost 95 pounds and gained one fiancé during her last reality TV stint, joined the E! network’s plastic surgery competition and made a bad first impression with her fellow brides-to-be. 

“It’s pretty evident to me that Alexandra is only here for fame,” challenger Janessa Wainwright said after listening to White boast about her past TV time.

Despite that, after landing in the bottom two and missing out on the coveted “injectables party,” White convinced her competition to keep her around for at least one more week. That means the former “Loser’s” dream of getting skin resurfacing, liposuction on five different areas of her body, a breast lift, a breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck before her big day is still within reach.

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